An update


Hello everybody, in this brief post I'll update you on what I've been doing/working on recently.

The JSless Web Index

I recently started working on this project and looking for people interested in it. It's called "JSless Web Index", and, as the name suggests, it'll basically be an umbrella website for JavaScript-less, static, and why not, also PHP-less websites out there.

Why would waste your time on something like that?, you may ask. Good question. I don't know either, lol. Jokes aside, I just wanted a place where I could find other useful yet simple, "Suckless", non-bloated and static web pages. Because that's basically what the web was made for. It was created for sharing scientific documents, not bloated scripts embedded in text files. If you could, would you embed a program into a PDF file? Well, HTML makes no difference. It's just a markup language for creating text files.

Sorry for the rant: if you want to contribute your URLs to the project, see the project's README! Thanks in advance :D.

My DWM turned black 'n' white

Do you guys like rices? Here's my very simple DWM setup:

A sad, uncoloUrful Suckless dwm rice
DWM be lookin' sad

It's been quite a while since I'd created this hot garbage of a coloUrful palette, which features the following colours:

  1. Black
  2. White

Just yesterday, though, I found out I could even go further: Xorg can be turned B&W! To do so, I made use of some advanced picom's features, adding the following line to my .xinitrc:

picom -m 0.75 -c -r 13 -o 1.0 -b --backend glx --glx-fshader-win "uniform sampler2D tex; uniform float opacity; void main() { vec4 c = texture2D(tex, gl_TexCoord[0].xy); float y = dot(c.rgb, vec3(0.2126, 0.7152, 0.0722)); gl_FragColor = opacity*vec4(y, y, y, c.a); }" &

By doing so, I obtained this tremendously joyful DWM setup!

I joined the OpenBaSeD gang!

I'm finally in! See this Mastodon thread to learn how it all started. Shoutout to Root BSD for making a very good tutorial on GNU/Linux and OpenBSD. Nice job.

In the end, it was actually pretty easier than I expected it to be. As usual, (at least for me) the hardest part was partitioning, but once you do that, installing BaSeD is straightforward. Now I gotta figure out how to set up wi-fi: it shouldn't be tough. I just have to fw_update and set up my network using ifconfig. The problem is the following: to fw_update, I need network access. I could just use ethernet, right? Well yes, if only I had an ethernet cable at home. It's hard to believe, I know, but I think I either have no ethernet cables or I'm just too lazy to check properly. And don't feel like buying one: I'm poor.

Well, I could just do USB tethering using my phone, right? Well, that'd work, if only I had a working micro USB cable. Lol. I can't be helped breaking them all.

Anyways, that was it for this quick (which in this case is just a way of saying that it literally took 10 minutes for me to write) article about many (3) topics.

Hope you enjoyed, stay safe! (Will update you on the OpenBSD situation, stay tuned!)