Hello everyone, and welcome! This is my personal website. I have a blog, a couple cool projects, and a website entirely dedicated to my music, as well.

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let's get started!

Check this page out to get to know more about me, this one to explore my Git repos or this if you wanna read something on my blog.

my network

I run various services other than this website, such as:

Also, you can find my website in better places (such as Tor and I2P) and over other protocols, in different versions (for now the only "alternative" protocol I host my page through though is Gemini).

You can find a table containing all of my website's different URLs on its Git repo's README file.

man section

Want to learn more about GNU/Linux and other UNIX-like OSes such as the *BSDs? Well, you're in the wrong place, you should visit the man section of the website. On there, you will find useful articles and tutorials on many different topics regarding the amazing UNIX and FOSS worlds.


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