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In this page you'll find info about who I am and what I do, my projects, how/where to contact me and how to support me or contribute to this website.

Long 'n' boring introduction

$ whoami

Wassup! You can call me mirk0dex, or simply " ". Yeah, no jokes, you can call me " " as well. I'm a POSIX-compliant student whose passions are computers and technology since he was a kiddo.
Hang on, let me just turn on the Cringe counter real quick.

Over the last years, I started experimenting with Linux distros (e.g.: Android) (well, GNU/Linux (e.g.: Void GNU/Linux) the majority of the times) and other UNIX-like OSes, such as *BSD, specifically FreeBSD and OpenBSD, or "OpenBaSeD", how I (and my friend /g/) prefer to call it.

Everything started a couple years before I actually tried GNU/Linux: I can't really remember how or why, but I happened to stumble upon a YouTube video, of which I unfortunately do not remember many details, but I can say for sure that it contained the words: Ubuntu, Fedora and Kali [GNU/]Linux. These three, or well, four words were stuck in my mind, and they eventually got me wanting to try out GNU/Linux and figure out whether it was worth it switching from Windows or not. Oh, trust me on this, it totally was. SideNOTE: for quite a while, me and a friend of mine liked to meme about the pronunciation of Ubuntu, which is pretty funny if you think about it.
What happens next is history: finally, after a bunch of years of waiting (and three days of backups), I finally have the "braveness" to grab a pen drive and flash Ubuntu onto it.

Cute doggo Totally me with RMS

Ever since, rather than what's usually defined as a "love/hate" relationship, I've had a real hate/hate relationship with Windows (and with all proprietary software, or as my boy DT calls it, proprietary garbage), because I'd finally realized that it was basically "blocking" me and holding me back from really discovering and learning computers, reaching my Ultra Instinct phase. The fact that Windows is so closed finally got me in love with all the possible (open and free, as in freedom) replacements, such as the GNU operating system and its adorable penguin friend: Tux.

Now, I can proudly state that I have become the harm I once used to fear: a fanboi. A Free Software Fanboi (FSF), to be specific. Well, that's still better than being an Apple or k-pop fanboy, am I right?
All jokes aside, I grew up with a form of joke called "meme", so I was clearly lying when I said "All jokes aside". Memes are an important part of me, as they're in my opinion one of the purest forms of expression and ways of communicating with people, sending messages and pointing out that proprietary garbage sucks.

Of course, memes aren't the only thing I grew up with. Another important thing that I grew up with is, once again, Windows, Vista and ME especially. (Lol*, we ain't done talking Windows today.) With "important", of course, I don't mean "good", but "necessary" to make me realize stuff. My first computer was an Acer TravelMate from the Windows 9x era. It happened to run Windows ME, which is considered one of the worst versions of Windows ever, but, let's face it, there are no good Windows versions, since they all are built on top of each other and not even one of them is free and/or open-source.
Now: I personally do like the ME start-up sound, especially because it awakens in me a feeling of nostalgia, just like Minecraft's soundtrack written by the talented C418 (and now Lena Raine and others, too) does. (Minecraft was another important thing I grew up with). Oh, if only Microsoft made Windows free... susiety would be waaay better. By the way, all I did on my Acer TravelMate was playing around in Office. And that was basically it, considering that that PC did not have a working wireless adapter nor board, and so I could not connect to the Interwebs (wow, such poetry).

That though, somehow, got me into exploring more and more of the world of computers. I ended up falling in love with tech and how it seems to be just magic, but in reality, everything it does is perfectly written and engineered by brilliant minds, just like mine (yeah yeah I know, I am very humble person).
Right now it's 2021 (hello from October 2022, I've finally updated this): I am using Void GNU/Linux (still using it in 2022) (have used Arch, BTW) and writing this website in Emacs and (Neo)Vim, with a nice Suckless DWM setup (nothing has changed, I swear!). From what started with just trying out some new, free as in free beer operating system called "Ubuntu", now originated a contagious passion which wants to get bigger and bigger and make me learn IT ever more. I program in C (a.k.a. The Only Real Programming Language), have been learning Java (a.k.a. The Minecraft Programming Language) since 2020 and Go (a.k.a. Twenty-First Century's C) since late 2021. I also like UNIX Shell.

Other things I like are: happy hardcore (music genre) and ТРИ ПОЛОСКИ.

Hope you'll appreciate what I, and eventual contributors, will offer you on this website :D.
To support *our* (communism 100) work, please check the section. Thank you! And as always: thanks for reading.

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contacts and profiles

Medium/website Username/URL
Mastodon Mirk0dex@social.linux.pizza
Mastodon (alt) mirk0dex@mstdn.starnix.network
Twitter Twitter is cringe
CrapTok TikTok is even cringer, don't use it, ever
Status Spirited Warmhearted Mongoose
GNU Jami mirkoditv
Jabber/XMPP mirk0dex@member.fsf.org
E-mail contact@mirkodi.eu
I don't care about spam, please feel free to say "Hi".
RSS feed Available here
Contact form https://mirkodi.eu/contact-form.html
music.mirkodi.eu music.mirkodi.eu
Bandcamp (non-free) MirkoDiTV
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what this website's for

This website mainly is a part of mirk0dex's learning and information sharing project, and aims to be fun yet informative and useful whenever possible. It's kind of a mix of memes and GNU/Linux and FOSS, it tries to provide good info on topics it touches and make you have a little laugh in the attempt of doing so.
It's written in HTML, CSS and no JavaScript at all.

Our motto is "amogus - when teh imposta is sus O-O".


In the projects section you will find my main active and old projects, usually hosted on my own Gitea instance and/or on GitLab.


In the blog section I (and eventual contributors) post some random articles about random stuff, mainly regarding tech and free software.


The man section is a place where you can find (well, will be able to, for now) anything GNU/Linux and UNIX, including handy guides and tutorials, all handwritten (kinda) by me and amazing collaborators.


The music section tries to be more of a standalone website for showcasing and letting you listen to my music. On here, you can download all of my songs.


Last but not least: the memes section. Don't really know, do I need to explain this one? Lol*. (Saying LOL is cringe and should be done.)

All of this website's source code is available on its git.mirkodi.eu repo. Feel free to check it out and fork it!

Git repos

Where to find my projects
git.mirkodi.eu (my Gitea instance): https://git.mirkodi.eu/mirk0dex
GitLab (non-free): https://gitlab.com/mirk0dex
GitHub (non-free): https://github.com/mirk0dex

git.mirkodi.eu is where my main projects are stored; in the GitLab, though, I store projects co-owned by me and other people and mirror most of my main ones whereas I use my GitHub account just to contribute to other people's projects.


Want to contribute to the website and write blog articles?
First of all, thank you! I really appreciate all help since I'm developing this website alone and it's no easy job!
Send me a pull request on Gitea if you want.

Use the nupage generator script you can find on this website's Git repo if you need it :).

Want to write an article for the blog? You can e-mail it to me or add it to the repo and send me a pull request on Gitea. You can write one in plain text, Org, Markdown, TeX, HTML, ODT or even DOCX if you're really sure about what you're doing, but I beg you to be as Suckless and minimalist as possible.

Oh, also, any suggestions and feedbacks would really be appreciated! If you have any ideas, please feel free to open up an issue over at git.mirkodi.eu!


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