Welcome to the "man" section! In here you can find many useful learning resources and tutorials/guides. Whether you're a Linux/GNU + Linux beginner, UNIX newcomer or tech savvy neckbeard, there's no doubt you will find something useful in this section of the website. Get ready to recompile your kernel, cuz the hackerman season is coming! (Don't even ask me what tf that means, lol).


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To contribute to the man section, you just have to add your article (written in whatever markup or document language you prefer [as long as it is not proprietary, like MS' DOC, but DOCX is OK], I'll make sure to adapt it to the website) to the public/man/ directory in the Git repo of the website ( and send me a pull request. Alternatively, you may send it to me via e-mail (see this page for my address).


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