Warning: I'm a warning. I've been put here to warn you. Some of the memes might be considered "sh#dposts".

A photo of Gigachad saying that he regularly visits
           and asking how you'd tell.

Even if I have no clue how many you are, I want to thank you guys for visiting my website from the very bottom of my heart! If you're reading this, write " +1" on Mastodon!
Date posted: 21th of January, 2023

A screenshot of Red Star OS. Upper caption says
                    'K-pop stans be like:' while lower text says 'I use Red
                    Star OS, BTW'.

Kim Jong senpai please notice me uwu
Date posted: 13th of January, 2023

A stock image of a call center worker with his thumbs
                    up. Upper text says: 'Bot generated tutorials be like' and
                    bottom text says 'Step 8: Flash GrapheneOS, Step 9: Flash
                    GAPPS, Enjoy this ROM!'

AI will take control over the world and get rid of us mortals... or will it?
Date posted: 05th of January, 2023

A noice JPG of a root '#' on an Android phone

Are Linux users are elitists? I strongly doubt that
Date posted: 16th of February, 2022

Windows is very buggy

Glass OS be very buggy
Date posted: 20th of January, 2022

Amogus is everywhere, and the trash cans in the image
                         suspiciously look like Amoguses

Date posted: 18th of January, 2022

Poshly dressed Jeff Bezos says that what we call
                         'proprietary software that spies on the users for
                         money' is just trolling

Jeff Bezos is a fun troll!
Date posted: 18th of January, 2022

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