Cantina needs a rewrite


So, my Cantina script is bloated. That's a fact. I started working on it some time ago: since I was, and still am, learning programming, I decided to ask my friend to "generate" a random word for me, and the word he "generated" was the italian word "Cantina". Now, Cantina means like "basement" or "cellar", and I had, for quite some time, no idea on how to create a program based on it - until I came up with some sort of idea: a program that lets the user create and manage compressed archives to put old stuff in. It might not be very useful, but I started working on it anyways and imposed myself a SLOC limit, that got more and more permissive over time.

If I'm not wrong, this simple script has now reached more than 420 lines of code, and that is not good and suckless, at all.

Today, I'm a bit better at programming and I thought I should rewrite it from scratch, since it's become an alpha, not working bloated mess.
I was wondering, could you (yes you!) help me out? I'd be glad if you sent me a pull request over on Cantina's GitLab repo. Thank you if you do so.

Even if you can't help me out, stay tuned for more info on the project! Have a nice one, and stay safe!