Friendship ended with GitLab, now Gitea is my best friend

A good old meme showing me and Gitea shaking hands
Aah yes, this meme never dies

A couple months ago I decided to stop hosting my website on GitLab pages and get a VPS instead.

And so I did, but of course, this VPS could be used for many other things, for instance, Nextcloud and Git. Also, since I had just found out that, contrarily to my beliefs, GitLab is proprietary, or "open core", how they like to call it, which just really is another expression for saying "non-free".

So there was no better way of getting rid of GitLab than self-hosting my own Git website like real chads do. I picked Gitea 'cause although I'd really have liked to use Cgit, I want people to be able to open up issues and stuff.

And so here it is! is ready for use, I moved all my projects there although most of them are mirrored on GitLab. Feel free to create an account and host yours too - freely (both as in free speech and as in free beer!).

Aight guys, that was all for this short article. Happy late New Year! Peace out.