My first album


Why hello everyone - it's me, Mirko, your favourite internet person. It's been quite some time already, very happy to be getting back to my blog. If you don't follow me on Mastodon yet, you should, because I'm way more active there.

Anyways, I've been working hard on an album I'm planning to release by the end of the summer. Its name will be "Free as in Hardcore", and you can check out my SoundCloud (warning: proprietary spyware) if you feel like listening to a couple songs I've already finished producing.

When it's done, it'll contain songs of many different kinds and genres (mainly happy hardcore, but there'll be some slav ||| hardbass, normal hardcore and maybe dubstep, too). So I guess it might be proper to call it a "hard dance album" ;).

Worth saying that this'll be my first album ever, so I'm not sure that I'll manage to do everything correctly. We'll see.

Of course, it'll be CC licensed and ethically made (using free software and VSTs [which I just started using] only). Also, if anybody's interested in a collab, please do contact me so we can work on something cool together.

TL;DR: I'm working on a hard dance album, it will be released by the end of summer 2K20.

Aight guys, peace, imma head out.