We need more libre plugins (and I'm working to fix that)


If you're reading this blog post on my website, there's a chance you already know that I make music. EDM, more precisely.

Something I really care about is software freedom: it doesn't matter whether I'm writing a program in C, browsing meme websites or producing some happy hardcore track - my freedom must be respected no matter what.

I thus have decided that my music production software must follow the same freedom principles (or "open-source", but I don't really like/use that term).

Even if I'm a hardcore free software enthusiast and user, though, the temptation to use non-free software is growing inside me, every day more. I see popular musicians and producers use proprietary garbage like Ozown, Abelton and other programs, and I have to admit that I sometimes feel like, because of my choices, I'll never be as good as they are.

But then I realize that software is not a replacement for talent. If an artist is good, the software per uses shouldn't matter much. If a programmer is talented, per will be able to use any programming language to fulfill his needs, getting to the desired results (JS is an exception here, though. No matter how talented you are, if you write your software using JavaScript, it'll always suck and there's no way to change that).

What I'm trying to say is: help please there's no free maximiser i need libre maximiser pleez help.

I've been looking for one for about a month now. I've searched everywhere. I've posted on forums. Nada: had no luck so far. And I probably know why: there might be absolutely no libre maximiser out there. Oof.

Of course I know Barry's Satan Maximiser is a thing but I don't think Barry and I have the same definition of "maximiser plugin" in mind. That kind of plugin is not really what I'm looking for.

So I decided to roll up my sleeves and get to work. If there's really no libre maximiser out there, I'll make one myself. But since I don't know anything about VST or LV2 programming, that's probably going to take a while.

In the meanwhile, I've asked the creator of LoudMax to free per amazing (but unfortunately proprietary) plugin. We'll see how far we can get on this.

Please stay tuned for news on the project. You can find my plugin's source code at https://git.mirkodi.eu/mirk0dex/LibreMiser, but do keep in mind that the project is young. It's still VERY work-in-progress stuff.

Alright guys, I'll see you soon. God bless.