Why you should have a blog in 2021


In 2021, one might think that RSS feeds and personal blogs are cringe, 2004-style stuff. That is actually wrong, let me explain.
But before we proceed, a word to our sponsor, Raid: Shadow Legends. Just kidding lol.

So, as you probably already know, I created a personal website this year. Who would've guessed it? If I didn't, you probably could not be reading this article right now. It's got a blog section, as well as a full-featured RSS feed.
But isn't it weird to have a blog in 2021? Isn't that cringe and boomer-ish?

With the advent of social networks, stuff like Instagram and Snapchat, that zoomers (I am a zoomer, BTW) use all the time, communication methods on the World Wide Web and the Internet in general have changed drastically.
Instead of writing long, boring e-mails, people have started using instant chat applications such as the ProtzApp and the legendary Buttbook Messenger. Which, in a way, is actually better, because now, if I'm stuck in the washing machine, I can just send a quick text to the Police telling them to come and save me.
But, if we think about it, it's even worse now, because our phone nowadays is always playing the Samsung Whistle sound non-stop because of messages from the Official™ School™ Group™™™ on ProtzApp. Also, the Zucc, which basically has a monopoly over the mobile instant messaging apps, basically controls the world and its interpersonal communication, selling some good ol' data to advertising companies and tha Alphabet Boys™.
So I thought it would be cool to try and set up my own website, complete with its blog and RSS feed (I really need to thank Luke Smith for his amazing work on the "lb" shell script, which basically allows you to create your blog and RSS feed in 6.9 mins). I really wanted a method to communicate to the world in general, and share with you guys what I am passioned about and what I am working on at the moment. Best way to do it in my opinion? A nice, based, 2004-style RSS feed + blog, not cringe zoomer tier social media.

Here, on my very own blog, I can talk about (almost) whatever I want, no restrictions (well, some, but not as many as there are in social networks such as Twitter.) I can write long articles without a char limit and I could make my friends write some articles as well if they wanted to (and with "make them ... if they want to" I mean "force them").
Having your own blog means real freedom of expression, and if you have your own domain and webserver, that freedom is even bigger.
So this is why, in my opinion, having a blog is still cool kids' stuff in 2021.

That was it for this article, I'll see you in the next one. Take care!