How we can make Fediverse popular and get YouTube to fail


Hello everybody, I'm Mirko, I once used to make videos about stuff like this, but I just can't be bothered anymore, so in this blog entry, I'm going to explan my plan to make the Fediverse mainstream, getting YouTube and Twitter to go bankrupt (as suggested by


Alright, alright, let's start off by giving you guys a bit of context.

I asked my Mastodon frens what they think I should do to get famous on the Fediverse

The replies I got were:

make cool things
Toot random things.
Make Fediverse go mainstream and bankrupt Twitter, YouTube et al. Sure it will make you very famous. How? No F! clue.

I already shudpost loads of random things, and as a shidposter, I'm not able to make cool things, as suggested.

So, instead, I figured I should try and literally bankrupt big tech as a whole in favour of Fedi.


IMO, ads are the best tool we have to promote the Fediverse. They might be the best tool to promote literally anything, actually. They can be very annoying.

We can even let normies know about our based Fediverse that way.

Now I want you guys to think about it: can't we just use YouTube to defeat YouTube? Can't we just get Fediverse ads onto YouTube?

A clip Avengers: Thanos says 'I used the YouTube to defeat the

Yes, we probably can! But we need money to do that. So here comes the fun part: you donate money to me, so I can start the ad campaign as soon as I can. I'm broke, so I can't afford to do all of that by myself.

If you really consider joining the project, thank you! That'd mean a lot to me. Please do use LiberaPay if you're particularly interested in this and this only, because I can't really convert crypto to money for the time being.

Expect updates soon.

Also, everybody knows an advertising campaign is nothing without actual ads. So I'm soon going to start working on these. If you make some yourself, please send them over!. Either way, contact me. I need help, and I know nothing about advertising.

OK, so that's the plan! I know it's bad, I really do. But hey, if you have any ideas don't be afraid to let me know about them.

Bye guys. Please, stay safe out there, and enjoy your life!